Cell Biology

The study of cells, their structure, function, and interactions, without copyright restrictions.

Molecular Biology

The study of biological processes and structures at the molecular level, encompassing genetics, biochemistry, and cellular biology.


The study of genes and heredity in living organisms.

Human Physiology

Study of how the human body functions and maintains life.

Plant Physiology

Study of how plants function and respond to their environment.


The study of chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology explores the processes underlying growth, differentiation, and formation of organisms from conception to maturity.


The study of the relationships between organisms and their environment.


Evolution is the gradual process of change and adaptation in living organisms over time.


Study of the body's defense mechanisms against foreign invaders and diseases.


The application of biological processes and organisms to develop technological solutions.

Advanced Topics

Complex subjects require a deeper understanding and expertise beyond fundamental principles, often exploring cutting-edge advancements.